Alex reaching the sky

YES!  Alex is reaching for the sky!  This innocent girl!  Little does she know that 4000 years ago, people built the mound on which she is standing!  They constructed an oval shaped mound on the top of a hill to be close to the infinite, close to the sun and the moon and the stars.  Close to the unknown and the infinitely complex.  Beyond human understanding.  And those people made an oval of stones, and Alex, running on the grass and between the nibbling sheep, cried out like Job to the infinite, ‘Let me fly! Let me be with you!  Let me be part of you!’  And the old bones of her foreparents lay white in the earth beneath her feet.

Check it out, empathathetic companions! Arbor Low Derbyshire, England.


Hello! Good evening with the books, and pictures!
I’m 15 old and I live in Hungary.

I like writing and illustrating books

I like writing German or was it Deutch of ICE AGE 3 Die Dinosaurier sind los


I done with 42 books

Alex’s dad

I am Alex’s receptionist (and her dad).  My job is to help you to visit her site and not be overwhelmed by the huge number of stories she has written and illustrations she has drawn.

Alex has autism which means she perceives her everyday experience in a rather special way.  We hope that this site will help her to make closer contact with the many, many people around the world who are open to people with different perceptions and who are ready to delight in alternative ways of seeing and being.

Please write to Alex if you feel like it and tell your friends to visit her site.

You can see how the site is divided up…so please click on what you would like to see.

If you would like to know more about Alex go to, ‘About’.

By the way, Alex says she has written 42 books! She has written and illustrated more than 700!  Perhaps she means she has written 42 since September, 2010.

And, by the way, she is 14…she said she was 1 until she was 10 and after 10 she asserted that she was one year older than she was.

The photo, which we love, shows Alex in Derbyshire, in England.

Story characters. A typical mixture of Disney characters with her own characters. Also note the mixture of Hungarian and English.


Book cover designs. This is a good example of how interested Alex is in different languages. The first is Slovakian (I think) the second is French and the third is a mixture of English and Hungarian.

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