Ice Age 3

Alex’s book, ‘Ice Age 3’ is 350 pages long.  I have chosen the last few pages to show you.  The texts and the pictures bear no relationship to the story as she watched it and paused it on her DVD player which she kept on the desk in front of the computer screen as she wrote and later illustrated her story.

The texts she has written are so fresh, so unexpected, so full of the poetry of words and of image.  And the illustrations sit so cleanly and freshly and vibrantly on the page.  And I adore the way she can choreograph shapes, colours and words so unexpectedly on the stage of the A4,  international page size.

I hope you are knocked out by Vuk’s Song on the last page. James Joyce would have taken off his hat and would have pranced an Irish jig if he had seen this.  How can this imagery pour out of this young woman’s head?

Don’t forget one click makes the picture bigger and a second click makes it bigger still!

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